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I’m Rissa. I’m a mum of three, a shift worker who keeps crazy hours, friend to many, and wife to one. I grew up in the most average kind of family you can get- middle class, Caucasian, with one brother and a couple of pets.

I am a social being. I like making friends. I would prefer to have friends than enemies. I think some people find this a weakness to my character, but I disagree. I am talkative, outgoing, occasionally outrageous. I’m the person most likely to talk before thinking, the person most likely to say what everyone else is thinking, even when it is controversial or taboo.

I have always loved learning about people. I love finding out what is important to a person, and discovering why it is important to them. I love discovering religions and traditions.

I believe in tolerance and freedom of religion. I believe that a person is more than the label they are given. I believe that much of the fear mongering and hate spreading that I see on social media and in the news has everything to do with fear of the unknown, and nothing to do with the people who are victimised.

I’m a team player, a big dreamer, a crap talker. I love to have an opinion, and I welcome the challenge of debate and constructive discussion.

Rambling is a family tradition. I have spend many hours listening as my extended family took turns standing on their soapbox. I don’t think I can change the world, but I damn well think that I have the power to make other people think. And if that thought becomes discussion, I am a happy lady.



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