Fuck you, Mummy Wars!


I’ve posted before about my feelings about the “Mummy Wars”- basically, I think they’re shite. For some reason, at a time when we should be building each other up, the media seems hell bent on pitting us against each other. And it clearly works, given the amount of nasty and snarky comments I read from hot-headed keyboard warriors in the aftermath.

This week, the social medias were awash with mummy war inducing tripe. Awash. From stay at home mums vs. working mums, to breast is best, and how and where we should be letting our children sleep, the mummy ‘news’ pages did their best to ensure that every mother felt guilty this week. It’s a pretty impressive feat, when you think about it. These pages work so damn hard to make us feel like shithouse parents, and generate so many nasty, unmoderated, mean spirited comments, yet we keep going back for more.

I got caught up in it the other day. I commented in a discussion on a bit of click baity garbage. Soon after someone else commented, and unintentionally (I assume) tore me apart. I don’t even think they had seen what I had written, but their comment essentially labelled me as something that I definitely am not. And it hurt. My feelings were hurt. It was most unpleasant.

I vented to my husband, who looked at me like I had grown an additional head. “Why are you getting upset about throw-away comments from people on the internet?” As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. So I made a decision.

I’m boycotting the Mummy Wars.

Clicky baity news sites, you can keep your ridiculous, shame inducing, nasty comment causing, bullshit. I’m not going to click on your bait. I’m fucking done with it. I don’t wish to read your passive aggressive articles, which are obviously written to ruffle feathers and generate toxicity. “It’s not toxicity, it’s conversation” , you say, but that’s not true. It’s just an outlet for people to bully, hurt, and offend other people. Mums ragging on other mums.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if you want to stay at home with your kids. I don’t care if you choose to work, or have to work, or want to work. If you eat your placenta, lotus your birth, breastfeed your kids until they are in primary school. Feed them organics, feed them fish fingers and frozen peas. It’s OK with me.

Unless it is clear to me that you are physically or emotionally harming your kids, it is not my place to be involved. It’s really not the click bait brigade’s place, either. So, as long as they keep posting shame inducing tripe, I’ll keep boycotting.

Mummy wars are ridiculous wars. While we are wasting our time, bickering over meaningless shit, and belittling complete strangers for simply having a different parenting style to our own, actual bad shit is still happening. Sixty women have lost their lives, this year alone,  through acts of violence. Asylum seekers, including women and children, are stuck in island purgatory. These are the issues that we should be outraged about on the internet. Not whether or not another parent feeds their kid toddler formula.

Feel free to stand with me and proudly declare: Fuck you, Mummy Wars! Fuck you, and goodbye! Farewell, and don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out! Be gone!

Or don’t. Seriously. I don’t really care.

From me to you, Mummy Wars.



17 thoughts on “Fuck you, Mummy Wars!

  1. I fucking love this because you know, I have never found this Mummy Wars nonsense to actually spill over into real life. Sure, women do not 100% agree about everything because we are not a hive mind, but in reality I have found women nothing but totally supportive of each other when shit goes down. Women are the people helping out at volunteers and working bees when no one else wants to. Women are the ones stepping in to babysit or pick up their friend’s kids when they are sick. Women are the ones baking food for their pregnant friends. Women are the ones to step up with practical help and emotional support when their mates get diagnosed with cancer. Women make the fucking world go round, and we do it by working together. I am sick of hearing about this Mummy War shit because in my experience it doesn’t actually play out that way in real life. FUCK THEM. Great post.

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    1. EXACTLY. Imagine if we played out this bullshit mummy war in real life? “I’m sorry, I can see that you have cancer, but you’re a stay at home mum, and I work. We’re on different sides, it could never work.” Total crock.


  2. I totally agree with Hugs comment and was thinking a similar thing. Women are *so* supportive if each other, especially mothers taking care of and lifting up other mothers. It’s really sick and wrong the way media purposefully hurts mums, then steps back and says “it’s not US that’s the problem, it’s THEM… Now FIGHT!”

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  3. This sounds like an extension of what I wrote about earlier this week- a click bait article full off comments from perfect parents out to tell you that you are doing it wrong. some people are just assholes!


  4. Love this. I honestly think MSM has a lot to do with whipping everyone into a little clickbait frenzy and they love every single minute of it! I used to get involved and that isn’t to say that I am any wiser now I have just learnt that for my own sanity I should step back and scroll on by rather than get involved.
    Great reading xoxo

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  5. Love this. A little bit of me hates myself every time I click on a title from one of those “news” sites. I made the mistake of reading through the comments section of an article recently. Never again!


  6. I’m with Hugzilla! I don’t get why the mummy wars stuff is all over the internet with judgemental twits commenting on everything, yet in real life the worst I’ve encountered is well-meaning ladies who might offer that my daughter may need a hat if it’s under 10 degrees. Where are all the nut job trolls day to day? Maybe in different places than I frequent? Or are they cowards in real life and only spout their grievances online?


  7. So right on! I got caught up reading all of the comments on FB over the last week regarding the latest blow up, and I just had to stop myself from going back! No one needs to read that nastiness!


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