I started this blog in a fit of indignation, with an awesome name, and a lot of enthusiasm. I was angry with the hateful things I was seeing posted on social media. Angry with the way minority groups were portrayed by commercial news outlets. I still am.

I have always been the person who dreams big, and I have often been the person who hits the ground hard when they fall back to earth. And in true Rissa-style, I had grandiose dreams, which were very specific, and in hindsight possibly not easily delivered. With three kids, a full-time job and a crazy life, finding the hours to regularly, physically, eat with people on a basis frequent enough for it to be the primary focus of one blog is probably not possible.

So I decided to change. I may not have time, but dammit, I have a lot to say. I’m opinionated. I’m passionate. I’m wordy.

I still want to eat with you. But I also want to talk to you. I want you to send me your favourite recipes, so that I can share them with my family. I want to try new things, and write about things I care about, and share food with people that I love. I will still take every opportunity to share meals with those who are prepared to open up to me. And I would love to know about cultural events that represent you and the people that are important to you. But don’t be surprised to find the odd post about the issues that I care about and the random crap that I think about on here too.

I say random things fun fact: my heart thinks unicorns are real
I say random things fun fact: my heart thinks unicorns are real

Expect more posts in the near future. If you want to eat with me, share a recipe or story with me, find I’ll Eat With You on Facebook and drop me a line. I appreciate any input that you provide.


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