Where it all began

Food. It’s a global language. We all need to eat, most of us love to eat, and too many of us don’t have enough of it. No matter who you pray to, where you live or who you love, it’s highly likely that finding and eating food it is pretty high on your agenda of things to do.

For most people, food is something to be shared. We eat with our families. We grab work lunch with our friends. We celebrate birthdays over banquets and treat our kids to cheeky take-out meals to reward good report cards. Food is steeped in tradition. Sometimes it is tradition passed down for hundreds of generations,  like the cheerful Italian Easter bread decorated with coloured eggs. Other times it is something newer- the salmon casserole your mum used to make on cold evenings, or picking your birthday cake out of the Woman’s Weekly cake book every year.

This project has been on my mind for a long time. I have always been curious about other people. I want to know why they dress how they dress. I want to know what they believe. I want to sit with them and hear about where they came from. Where their food came from. When I was a little girl, I was THAT kid- the one who asked all the awkward and embarrassing questions out of child-like curiosity. I’m less child-like these days, but I’m still THAT person. I think most people are curious about the differences between us, however not everyone is bold enough to come out and ask. It occurred to me that perhaps some of those people might appreciate it if someone else did the asking.

This project has three aims. Firstly, I want to learn. On a personal level, I want to broaden my own world. I want to make new friends and try new things. Secondly, I want to stand up against intolerance. I want to show as many people as I can reach that we are not so different. I want to contradict the viral fear mongering and hate campaigns that constantly dominate social media and news networks. These campaigns influence so many people. They are often based entirely on fiction. They create divides that are completely unjustified. Thirdly, I want to eat delicious food. All the food! Gimme the food! Seriously, if food wasn’t so awesome, I wouldn’t have to exercise.

If you want to share with me, write a comment, send me an email. Facebook me. I’m still setting this all up, and I am pretty terrible at WordPress, but I am learning as I go. Next week I will post about my first family- my own. Where else to start but with those closest to you?

Get in my belly
A visit from the ice cream van! A favourite memory from my childhood being shared with the next generation.